Why a Commercial Locksmith Is More Useful Than You Think

Owning or running a business can be a very stressful task that takes a lot out of those who choose to take this career option. Perhaps the most stressful part of the whole job can be worrying about the safety and security of your property when you are not on-site to watch it. Luckily there are many modern inventions and security devices that are widely available on the market for you to use.  If you are looking for additional security then you need a commercial locksmith, and here are three services they can provide that go beyond simply upgrading your locks.

CCTV Installation

It may come as a shock that a commercial locksmith would offer CCTV installation considering how different those two things seem, but that is simply because the role of a locksmith has changed over the decades. CCTV systems are now an important part of commercial security, which is exactly why a commercial locksmith offers them. They can help choose the best spots to place your cameras and what type of technology you need for your lot e.g. thermal, night vision, motion-activated, etc. They will also help you install these inside and outside your property so that nothing goes unnoticed. 

Panic Bars

Panic bars are a different type of security precaution and one that focuses on the safety of your customers from fire and other hazards. In the event of a problem like a fire or perhaps an earthquake, panic bars allow for the quick release opening of emergency exits so that everyone can escape the premises quickly. When you have a business that reaches a certain size, you should definitely start to consider adding a panic bar to your emergency exits. Not only will it make your customers feel more secure, but it can help with insurance purposes. 

Consulting Work

Apart from just working as an installation expert, a commercial locksmith can also help you out by advising you on how to increase the safety of your premises from all manner of dangers. From working out the best master key solution for your doors, to what sort of alarm would work best to even helping you work out an efficient but safe floorplan, a commercial locksmith can do it all. This consulting work is often underutilised, especially when you consider just how much experience these experts have. If you need some more security, then hire a commercial locksmith as a consultant and get their opinion before buying the first thing you see. 

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