Car Lock Technologies That Automotive Locksmiths Must Explore

Burglars have become tech-savvy in the last couple of years and are giving car owners a nightmare. The security assurance that traditional keys provided initially has faded into oblivion today. It can be attributed to the fact that conventional car keys can easily be duplicated, not to mention that they can break or get lost at any time. Therefore, automotive locksmiths must keep up to date with changing technological innovations affecting car lock systems. This article highlights emerging innovations and their role in improving car security and safety.


Biometric technology was only seen in spy movies not so long ago. However, fingerprint scanners have become popular in the entryways of high-security buildings. Smartphones have also not been left behind as current models are equipped with biometric technology.  Although not mainstream, automotive manufacturers have started producing cars with the ability to read the owner's fingerprints. It is a game-changer, particularly if you consider the ease with which burglars can duplicate traditional car keys. All that burglars need is an impression of your key, and they are good to go. On the other hand, biometric lock systems are 100% secure because each car owner's fingerprints are unique. Therefore, even if you leave a biometric key fob inside your car, nobody can get in.

IoT Car Lock Systems

The internet of things, popularly known as IoT, refers to the interconnectivity and transfer of data between related computer devices via a network. Although IoT has been around for quite some time, its integration with car lock systems is relatively new. Notably, the IoT is making it easier for car owners to access their car doors remotely and safely. For instance, a car owner can unlock the doors before getting to a garage, thereby saving time. Additionally, the IoT allows car owners to distribute virtual car keys to family members. Consequently, you don't have to worry about accessing your car since you can use a family member's virtual key. Therefore, automotive locksmiths should be running circles around this technology because of the functionality and security prospects.

Active Child-Safety Locks

Unlike in the older cars, today's child-lock safety systems can be disabled by the push of a button. However, modern automotive lock technology is pushing the limits of child-safety lock capabilities by integrating blind-spot detection sensors. The sensors enhance safety by monitoring oncoming traffic. If a vehicle is approaching, the child-safety lock system engages, thereby preventing the child from opening the door. The technology is a selling point that automotive locksmiths can pitch to clients that own family cars.  

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