4 Steps to Take When You Get Locked Out of Your Home

Have you been accidentally locked out of your home? This situation is frustrating, especially if you don't have any spare keys at hand or open windows to access the house. Amid these frustrations, most people end up making unwise decisions that may cost them a lot of money. To avoid these mistakes, here are four steps you should take when you get locked out of your house.

1. Evaluate the cause of the lock-out

A lock-out may occur for several reasons. Was your key stolen or did you lose it? Does this situation impact your home's security? If someone stole your keys, your home's security could be at risk. As you access the home, consider rekeying the locks or changing them completely. However, if you misplaced the keys around your property, you don't need to replace the locks.

2. Do not break a door or window

One mistake most people make is breaking a door or window in a bid to access the house. Destroying your back door or a window after a lock-out will only lead to costly repairs. You can attempt to take off the door lock or pick it if you have the necessary tools. However, as you do this, ensure you don't cause any damage to the door's exterior. Also, if the lock is expensive, don't break it. Rekeying it would be a more affordable choice.

3. Call an emergency locksmith

When you're locked out, you don't have to worry about manipulating the lock. Contact an emergency locksmith in your area. The locksmith can replace or rekey the lock, depending on your needs. They will also create spare keys to prevent this situation in the future. As you look for an emergency locksmith, find one within your town to ensure fast and efficient services.

4. Come up with lock-out prevention measures

A home lock-out should be an opportunity for you to re-evaluate your locking system. If losing keys is something you often experience, consider changing your access system. For example, instead of using keyed locks, you can opt for smart ones which are operated using a keypad. Electronic or keyless locks can also be accessed remotely using your smartphone. If you're not ready to change the locks, consider the following measures:

  • Keep a spare key outside your home like at your office or hidden in your backyard
  • Give a spare key to a family member or loved one who doesn't live in your home
  • Use a key finder for times when you misplace your keys

House lock-outs are frustrating; however, you don't have to make any costly mistakes. An emergency locksmith can provide access to your home without causing damage to your property.

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