Reasons to Enlist Commercial Locksmith Services for the Installation of High Security Locks

As a business owner, one of your foremost priorities is ensuring that your commercial premises are secure. And in this day and age, there is a vast array of locks that you can choose to invest in. The mistake to avoid is buying the cheapest locks under the guise that you are saving money for your business, when in reality you are leaving it vulnerable to break-ins. If you want to ensure your premises is not at risk of theft or vandalism, you should opt for high security locking systems. Admittedly, these come with a high price tag but before you get sticker shock, you should know that they offer a higher level of security than their regular counterparts. Before you write them off as glorified bolts, consider the following reasons why you should enlist commercial locksmith services for the installation of high security locking systems.

The Locks Are Tamper-Proof

A leading advantage of high security locking systems is that they are resistant to tampering. And this can be attributed to how these locks are designed. For starters, burglars cannot force their way into your premises by drilling these locks. The high-security locks comprise fortified plates and reinforced rods that prevent people from drilling through them. In addition to this, these locks are also resistant to manipulation. Unlike regular locks that have significant room for key access, the high-security options have restricted keyways and this makes it difficult to use tools to pick them. Both these characteristics make them more secure than regular locks that are vulnerable to bumping, picking and drilling.

The Keys Are Protected Against Duplication

The second advantage of high security locking systems, is that the keys can never be copied without your authorization. While regular locks can easily be purchased at any store, high-security locks are custom made for your use. Once you receive these locks, you are handed a security card that needs to be produced each time you want to replicate the keys. Therefore, unless someone steals the security card, you can rest assured that nobody will have copies of your business' keys until you get copies and hand these to them. Not to mention that you will always know who else has access to the security card. Regular locks, on the other hand, do not provide you with this sense of security since anyone can duplicate the keys without you knowing, which makes it difficult to identify culprits in the event of a breach.

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